Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Elmo, the Guardian Angel

We (Katherine, Rudi, Alex, and I) were driving to Toronto recently, and I noticed a small cross at the intersection of Walker Line and the Huron Road, not far from Tavistock. I had no recollection of a (obviously fatal) collision occuring there, so later I checked it out. The collision happened early in August, when we were probably at the cottage, which explains why I knew nothing about it.

It seems a minivan driving down Walker Road with several children and an adult driver was broadsided by a pickup truck driven by an older lady from Stratford who failed to recognize and obey the stop sign on the Huron Road. Rowan Ainsley Dunk, aged twenty months, was taken to McMaster Medical Center where she later died from injuries sustained in the collision.

A few nights ago, on my way back from a job in kitchener, I stopped at the cross, and read the inscription. I brushed a bit of dirt and mud off Elmo, sat him up properly, and took two photographs. The tears came easily as I did that, just as they are coming right now as I write this. All the usual thoughts run through my mind. Why did this have to happen, how can the families, friends, and relatives of little Rowan cope, it must be heartbreaking, what a tragic loss. I can only begin to imagine how witnessing something like that might affect someone, as fortunately, I have never witnessed the cloaked traveller walk away with a child.